David Buckner and Seth Miles

Complex Commercial Litigation

At Buckner + Miles, we represent individuals and businesses of all sizes in significant commercial litigation. Commercial litigation can devolve into prolonged battles over discovery. Often, years go by with no resolution in sight. We understand that our clients want to resolve these disputes and move on with their businesses and their lives. Our philosophy is simple: we get our clients’ cases at issue and trial-ready as expeditiously as possible, in the most efficient and cost-effective way we can. We do not believe our clients are best served by paying us to engage in a never-ending battle of letters, motions and discovery disputes. Nor do we staff our commercial cases with legions of attorneys just to extract the maximum possible fee from our clients. Instead, we focus in on what matters, results.

We are often called upon when it is clear that a case will be tried and experienced trial counsel is essential. Our trial lawyers regularly appear for our commercial litigation clients in both state and federal courts in Florida and around the country. Among the clients our attorneys have represented are high net worth individuals, a large international accounting firm, a Florida municipality and a number of banking institutions.

Moreover, because we handle cases on contingency or hybrid fee arrangements, we are flexible in our cost structuring, and we work with our clients to establish an arrangement that provides the maximum possible value to them. If you have a commercial dispute that requires skilled and effective trial counsel, contact us today at (305) 964-8003 so that we can show you why a trial firm is your best option.