David Buckner and Seth Miles

Defective Products

Every year, 34 million people are injured or killed as a result of product related accidents. The estimated cost of these injuries is $12 billion annually.   Recent years have witnessed a large increase in the number of defective automobiles and automobile components like airbags, starters, and emission systems.  Other products commonly implicated in injuries include ATVs, cribs and playpens, space heaters, chemicals, home appliances, surgical implants and pharmaceuticals.  On the worksite, potentially defective products include power tools, cranes, scaffolding, and heavy construction equipment, as well as the risk of asbestos exposure in older buildings.

As trusted counsel to the injured in Florida and around the country, the trial lawyers at Buckner + Miles have experience in all areas of product liability and defective product litigation. The attorneys of Buckner + Miles regularly appear in state and federal courts, helping those who have sustained serious personal injuries from defective products obtain justice.  The results obtained by Buckner + Miles attorneys include:

  • A confidential settlement for the son of an agricultural worker born without arms or legs as a result of improper application of pesticides.  The boy’s mother, who was employed in the tomato fields for Ag-Mart, was repeatedly sprayed with pesticides while working in the fields.

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